About Marc

Here I am, attempting to look cool.

Born to expatriate parents in Hamburg, Germany, Marc spent most of formative years in a mix of different countries. Having lived in Hamburg, Beijing, Budapest, Melbourne and Manila, he often found himself with a unique perspective on life.

Marc is a problem-solver, which is the theme he’s built his career around. For 4 years, he spent all his free time with AIESEC in the Philippines, solving problems in the world’s largest youth-led NGO, centered on developing young people, where he developed a passion for leadership. Recognized as an expert on youth leadership, Marc has been facilitating conferences to thousands of millennial audiences since 2014.

Aside from his role as a youth leader, Marc first encountered Design Thinking while in an internship at 3M Philippines. It combined many of his strengths – solving problems, consulting and facilitation, leading to his start at On-Off Group as a Client Engagement Specialist, where he’s leading the sales and consulting efforts with his sales bro, Dhiren.

As an experienced orator, Marc frequently seeks out opportunities to share his knowledge to others, especially younger audiences. His favorite topics to cover are Design Thinking, Leadership and Sales.

You can follow him at @mkwernicke on Instagram to learn more about him.