Episode #4: Dealing with Feedback

In this episode, we dive into feedback from the millennial perspective – why it’s so important to master the art of giving and receiving feedback, strategies to absorb feedback and Marc’s recommended approach to giving meaningful feedback.

Episode #3: Solving The Burnout Problem

Burnout is a prevalent problem among young people – whether it’s in the context of academics or work, the causes tend to be the same, yet rarely does anyone know how to deal with it. In this episode, Marc explores the main causes of burnout among young people as well as relatively simple solutions to the most common problems.

Episode #2: Why your first job should be in Sales.

If you’re interested in starting out in sales, or you did what I recommended in my last episode and figured out what kind of first job you want, and it happens to be in sales… this one’s for you.

Episode #1: Finding and Picking Your First Job out of University

Graduating from university or college? No idea where direction to start your job search in? This one’s for you. Using 3 simple questions, Marc illustrates his thought process in choosing a career path and what you can learn and copy from his experience.